What went wrong with the FIT ??

4 Jul

Have you ever wondered about things as small as “Measuring Tape” affecting fitting of some of your dresses. I am sure most of you would not have thought about it ?? right ?

In this post , We are yet again bringing you closer to things which make or break products. Our notion of a good quality product at Palkan not just end at the dress itself however we think of quality as a complete package which should ensure even the perfect fitting of the dress. We will share with you how a measuring tape can actually account for your misfit dresses even when you gave the right measurements and there was no gap what so ever.

Quality means doing it the right way

Quality means doing it the right way

Like any other thing under the sun, a measuring tape is also manufactured under different names from different companies but only few produce a good quality product. A very important factor for choosing the correct measuring tape is to measure the tape against a standard length and check for any variation in length. In simple words, to check whether the tape is not shorter or longer than the standard length. Most of the times, all the kaarigars of a boutique working on dresses tend to have measuring tapes of different brands and the length of the tape varies from each other.

Variying Tapes

Varying Tapes

“Crown” is an Indian brand which manufactures measuring tapes and since many years its name is synonymous to measuring exact lengths. All our executives,kaarigars at Palkan use “Crown Measuring Tapes” to ensure that there is no mismatch in the fitting when a dress is being made.


Crown measuring tape                           Lengths comparison in two correct tapes


Rest assured, we care for your dress and it fitting.

Signing off,

Team Palkan


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