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Dress to Impress and Express

23 Apr

Have you ever experienced the confidence that oozes out when you wear that brand new dress or your favorite dress? I know most of us will answer YES for that.

In reality, when we dress well, we feel good about ourselves.  People, mostly women experience this phenomenon. The more happy and jolly they are, the more time they’ll spend on looking good and perfect for any occasion. Women who look most happy wear their favorite dress with their most ravishing jewelry, this signifies that they are in a happy mood. These clothing choices mean that women who are feeling low and unhappy tends to wear loose, and less thought upon, clothes. The choice of what you wear determines and reflects the confidence level in you. Not only that, but it also makes you feel more confident about yourself.

Dress well to feel Happy

Dress well to feel Happy

The strong link between clothing and mood state suggests we should put on clothes that we associate with happiness, even when feeling low. Even if you are depressed, dress well and not according to your state of emotion.
The below facts may be a trigger of shock for you, but In a study, 51% of women would wear jeans when they felt sad or depressed, and only 33% of women would wear jeans when they felt happy or positive, according to the news release. So if people still wear jeans when they are happy, just to a lesser degree, why are they such a bad choice? Why are baggy clothes associated with a sad or depressed emotional state and dresses and jewelry associated with a happy or positive emotional state?  This is because we don’t wish to spend much time on clothing when we are in a depressed state of mind. People who wear baggy clothes are often found to be unhappy of their physical appearance and are unwilling to experiment with it.

It shows that clothing impact strongly on how you feel and may also influence how you think. It suggests we should give more thought to what we wear and even dress for happiness, irrespective of how we are feeling. If we knew more about
which clothes could lift a person’s mood perhaps there would be less need for anti-depressant medication. When we are feeling depressed or unhappy, looking our best is not on our minds. In fact, it becomes a hassle and waste of time.
Mental energy is turned inwards towards emotional thoughts. Dressing simply becomes function versus adornment or fun

Remove sadness by dressing well

Remove sadness by dressing well

People shouldn’t necessarily make assumptions about the feelings and emotions of another person based on their clothing though. To certain extent, you can read whether someone is feeling insecure based on their clothing, but body language and nonverbal communication is much more representative of one’s feelings.

If something makes our figure look poor, we generally don’t like this and thus are unhappy about it. When we don’t like what we wear, we focus on it throughout the day. It takes away the focus from the daily tasks that are important—work, relationships, family. A woman should walk out of the door and not have to think about what she’s wearing for the rest of the day. You’d be amazed at how much mental energy is exhausted pondering about how we look.

Dress to Impress and express happiness

Dress to Impress and express happiness

So, remember, next time you walk out of the door, be sure that you are well dressed even if you are depressed, wear what makes you feel good, take a pause and give some time to your clothing, it’ll boost your confidence eventually.

As they say, Dress to impress and express.

Happy Wearing,

Team Palkan